Help us improve water quality on the Great Barrier Reef. We're working with landholders to rebuild eroding gullies and restore vital coastal wetlands.

The Great Barrier Reef is an icon. Every Aussie feels a little proud and protective of it. It's not only a sight to behold, one of the seven wonders of the world, but it's also home to seven marine turtle species, 3,000 corals and 1,700 species of fish.

But it's in danger - during each rainfall event, tonnes of sediment laced with chemicals and fertilisers flow from eroding gullies out onto the Reef, choking fish and coral, creating harmful algal blooms, damaging the fragile marine ecosystems and reducing the Reef's overall ability to recover. That's why poor water quality is the biggest local threat to the Reef.

Your support helps us stop sediment at the source by working with local landholders and communities across the Great Barrier Reef catchment to rebuild eroding gullies and restore vital coastal wetlands.
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